Inside the

Cosmetolab innovative premises and equipment give the opportunity to provide a wide range of products, services and support effectively and efficiently. The lab itself is fully equipped with the latest of tools so as to be at the leading edge of cosmetics development technology and allow us to craft cosmetic works of art at the highest possible standards.


Cosmetolab’s 500 square meter facilities (including main lab, raw materials and packaging warehouse) are organized in such a way so as to allow simultaneously fast and efficient multiple custom formulations of the widest possible range of cosmetic products.


The state of the art equipment was built in order to meet the stringent requirements regarding physico-chemical parameters of a formula development. Cutting-edge machinery and measuring devices together with the team’s sophisticated expertise and know-how offer the opportunity to conduct a vast range of tests under a variety of methods in order to ensure the development of breakthrough formulas that will empower future innovative cosmetic launches.