R&D Lab Services

Cosmetolab specializes in the development of custom formula from zero base and in handling all the necessary steps in order to make sure that each final synthesis is effective, stable, tested and safe according to laws and regulations for cosmetics safety.

However, Cosmetolab R&D Lab expertise covers a much wider variety of services tailored to meet any brief request.

Formula Development

Our Research, Innovation & Development team balances creativity and technical knowledge in order to offer a diverse range of development and support services that combine extensive knowledge of the industry technological advancements and the market trends:

  • Custom product formulation for new concept
  • Reformulation of existing product
  • Formulation enhancement for existing product
  • Development of exclusive ingredients complex to be used for the upgrade of existing concept
  • Fragrance upgrade for existing product
  • Consultation for any formula development issue

Designing and creating a new formula or upgrading an existing one includes an exciting as well as challenging process with many aspects and steps. As that process unfolds, we continuously provide analytical support data, detailed cost estimates and technical information in order to assure that the project is on brief, on time and on budget.

A highly experienced and qualified cosmetic formulation team and their access to thousands of organic ingredients, structural chemicals, actives, fragrances, oils, colors, pigments, sunscreen filters, preservatives etc will make sure that each formulation is unique and advanced.

Formula Testing

Our lab handles all the necessary steps to assure to the detail that every product is not only scientifically advanced and highly effective but also has been under all necessary tests that prove its superiority and safety.
For that reason the lab is equipped with latest technology equipment that provides the opportunity of conducting in-house in vitro measurements and validations regarding formula claims, forming a valuable and reliable tool for the formula development process.Such measurements include:

  • Skin Moisture (Corneometer)
  • Sebum Levels (Sebumeter)
  • Skin pH Meter
  • Melanin / Erythema (Mexameter)
  • Skin Colour (Colorimeter)
  • Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL) (Tewameter)
  • Gloss (Glossymeter)
  • Temperature (Skin Thermometer)
  • Skin Viscoelasticity (Cutometer)

In addition, all necessary legally required tests are reliably conducted either in-house or under our supervision when necessary (designing suitable protocols to support labeled claims), ensuring that each formula is supplied with all necessary documentation that proves its safety and legitimacy. Such tests include:

  • Stability test
  • Compatibility test
  • Microbiological test
  • Preservation Efficacy Test (Challenge Test)
  • Patch test
  • Ophthalmological test
  • Clinical tests
  • in vitro, in vivo, ex-vivo, in -use tests