Setting up a manufacturing unit can be a quite multifarious process with a lot of challenging aspects and decisions to make. Manufacturing processes come in all shapes and sizes and require a substantial commitment as well as an upfront financial investment.

Cosmetolab can be a precious ally in the decision making of the manufacturing set up process at any stage, by offering valuable input deriving from long technical experience in manufacturing management. Factory consultants and specialized project managers offer their counselling services as well as hands-on assistance to any requirement that may include:


Planning for required quantity, capacity and type of machines depending on the scale-up outlook.

Raw Material

Planning for the volume, perishability and other characteristics of raw material required in order to finalize the space and warehousing requirements.

Available Infrastructure

Planning for necessary infrastructure that will define everyday operational cost from electric power to accessibility and logistics.

Facility Layout

Planning for facility layout and space required for manufacturing facility in order to ensure an efficient assembly line of smooth flow and movement, minimal wastage and time-saving operations.


Planning for licenses and approvals required for commencing factory operations.


Assistance in hiring the suitable professionals in key positions for smooth factory operation.