For Cosmetolab exceptional quality in product, service and ethics is a prerequisite and key milestone of operation. For that reason, Quality Assurance and Quality Control teams operate independently having a common duty: to ensure and implement high quality standards under a constant improvement process that goes beyond legal regulation requirements.

Quality Assurance

Cosmetolab implements an internal quality assurance system that is based on international standards of Good Manufacturing Practices. All departments involved, work under Cosmetolab’s quality policy which ensures the meticulous examination and record of all aspects of everyday function. The main elements of internal quality assurance system include:

  • Suppliers qualification system.
  • Formulation and development protocols.
  • Regulatory control protocols.
  • Final product testing protocols.
  • Continuous training in GMP handling.
  • Document control and filing protocols.
  • Management oversight of operations and quality.
  • Corrective actions policy and procedures for the improvement of internal systems.
  • ISO Standards

Quality Control

Cosmetolab dedicated Quality Control team ensures that all phases and attributes of product development meet with legal requirements and regulations. In this context, QC is responsible for conducting all necessary tests in order to confirm that raw materials, packaging, formulation and final products are safe and meet the high standards of quality set by Cosmetolab. The QC procedure includes:

Every incoming item is quarantined, tested and recorded before it is allowed to be stored and used in any project. All raw materials are tested to ensure supplier’s certificate of analysis and specifications.

All incoming packaging is released for further use only after it satisfies our rigid specifications among which certain tests are included like microbial test, drop test and compatibility test.

The bulk of any product is handled with a strict code of practice. Bulks’ production is monitored, sampled and recorded throughout every stage of the process. Pilot batches and initial batches of any newly developed product are overseen by the chemist who developed the product in order to ensure satisfactory scale up.